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Are you searching for a competitively priced option for a new set of vertical blinds? Dorset customers eager to find out more should give Jayem Blinds a call today on 01202 422 525. With many years of experience to call on, we have the knowledge and expertise necessary to craft gorgeous, bespoke blinds. We install all blinds too, so you don’t have to. To find out more, be sure to get in touch with our team today.

The Number One Supplier of Vertical Blinds in Dorset

The market has slowed by a fair bit where curtains are concerned. Yet the market for blinds, on the other hand, is booming. It’s easy to see why when you take a step back and think about it carefully. Blinds offer so many great benefits that set them apart from curtains. And when selecting a quality set of vertical blinds, Dorset customers can enjoy the best service possible courtesy of Jayem Blinds.

Blinds with Benefits

We’ve mentioned benefits, but what ARE these benefits exactly? The most obvious one is that blinds offer an unprecedented degree of lighting control to homeowners and businesses in Dorset. Vertical blinds consist of long slats that run the length of the blinds. These blinds can be angled using a chain cord or twist-stick and can be angled in such a way that permits light to enter while maintaining privacy.

For an affordable option, you’ll definitely want to consider vertical blinds. Dorset customers don’t always want to spend a fortune, and with vertical blinds, you can enjoy fantastic benefits without breaking the bank.  One of these benefits is the passive health effect afforded by these blinds. First, blinds help to shut out harmful UV rays during the summer.

They also provide an extra layer of insulation during the winter, keeping the interior space warm and dry while mitigating the formation of mould. Vertical blinds in Dorset also harbour far less dust and dirt than curtains.

This makes them an excellent hypoallergenic alternative that’s also low-maintenance. To top it all off, vertical blinds offer a lot of versatility and so can be installed in a range of locations around your property.

To summarise, when purchasing vertical blinds, Dorset home and business owners can enjoy a range of benefits, including:

  • Unprecedented Degree of Lighting Control
  • Increased Privacy
  • Passive Health Benefits
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Versatility
A gorgeous set of vertical blinds installed by our team.

Proud to Supply Dorset Vertical Blinds of the Highest Quality

At Jayem Blinds, we supply customers with vertical blinds in a wide range of textures, colours, and patterns. Whether you have large or small windows, French doors or patio doors, bay windows or something else entirely; we have you covered. There are literally hundreds of colours and finishes available for our vertical blinds. Dorset customers can also choose between fabric widths of 89mm and 127mm.

You can customise your vertical blinds even more by adding jacquards, prints, sheers, translucent and flame retardant materials. There are classic options available as well as smooth, ribbed, or embossed textures. There’s elegant fabric blinds. Or, for added UV protection, you can upgrade your blinds with a vinyl backing to shut out more sunlight and increase insulation.

All our blinds are custom-made to your exact specifications and fitted by the Jayem Blinds team. View our complete range of colours and patterns now or call us on 01202 422 525 to find out more.

Discover the Best Vertical Blinds Dorset Has to Offer

For many years, customers have dialled the number that will connect them to Jayem Blinds, safe in the knowledge that we’re the company to call for vertical blinds. Dorset customers understand that they’ll receive outstanding value for money as well as a personal touch from a family-run business committed to impeccable service.

We provide Dorset vertical blinds which are all made-to-measure, plus we can also supply other options too, including roller blinds, roman blinds, and Venetian blinds. All products are individually tailored, ensuring a unique finish that will be sure to delight.

It’s this kind of service that’s secured us an impressive client base that regularly uses our company to purchase new blinds. Our reputation is based on our attention to detail, friendly manner, and utter professionalism. Our highly competitive prices are yet another draw and have enticed many customers over the years to purchase vertical blinds in Dorset from us.

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