Window Shutters Bournemouth  

If you’re looking to purchase the most exquisite plantation shutters or blinds in Bournemouth to cover your windows, look no further than Jayem Blinds. With a wide range of fabrics available, you’ll be sure to find the right set of shutters or blinds for your home. We also have options that’ll work great in a conservatory; just get in touch to find out more. 

We have the best and most competitive prices for window shutters in Bournemouth that leave all our customers satisfied. For more information regarding our window shutters and blinds, you can call us now on 01202 422 525. You can also send us an email at for all your enquiries about our shutters and blinds.  

The Finest Window Shutters Bournemouth Has to Offer  

When searching for the best range of plantation shutters and blinds, you cannot falter by choosing Jayem Blinds. We have options to suit all homes with an excellent selection of fabrics available. We have plantation shutters and blinds to fit windows of all shapes and sizes, and that goes for your conservatory too.  

At Jayem Blinds, we’re committed to ensuring that our customers have access to the best plantation shutters and blinds along with first-class installation support. We’ll get your blinds and shutters made to your specifications, then deliver and fit them in your home. 

Jayem Blinds provide window shutters and blinds that are practical, stylish, and highly affordable. Our shutters and blinds are available in different materials, such as metal or wood. We have over 200 different shades and colour finishes that will work in all homes, from modern homes to ones with traditional décor. 

These window shutters and blinds are the perfect way to let in natural light as well as to keep the area closed off from the outside. Keep on reading to learn more about how efficient and practical our window shutters and blinds really are! 

Wooden Venetian blinds, Jayem Blinds

Benefits of Shutters  

Plantation shutters offer many fantastic benefits that make them a worthy choice to consider alongside blinds. These benefits include but are not limited to: 

  • Fully Customisable 
  • Excellent Light Control 
  • Increased Security and Privacy 
  • Additional Insulation 
  • UV Protection 
  • Easy to Clean 
  • Hypoallergenic 

Shutters are a fantastic choice for a whole of reasons, as you can clearly see above. But how do these benefits impact you? We’ve explained each of these benefits in more detail below. 

Shutters, unlike curtains, are very adjustable, with alternatives to match windows of any size or shape. That’s because we at Jayem Blinds work to ensure that every window shutter is made specifically to fill all your needs and specifications. 

Furthermore, we supply plantation shutters that are available in either metal or wood, so you can choose the shutters that match your property’s décor. 

In addition to that, window shutters and blinds serve to control natural light and also double as a layer of insulation. They trap any heat when they are closed in the cold, and they block off sunlight and keep the interior cool when closed in the summer. They offer excellent UV protection since they can block sunlight coming through the windows. For this reason, temperature control is much better with window shutters rather than simple curtains. 

This added thermal insulating performance can have a knock-on effect on heating and cooling costs. If the shutters and blinds are closed in the summer, the room should cool down, negating the need for air conditioning. Likewise, in the winter, closing your plantation shutters and blinds closed can negate heat loss by a small amount. Shutters and blinds can also provide an additional source of insulation against external noises. 

Furthermore, when getting brand new window shutters or plantation shutters installed, one thing you might ask yourself is,” How am I going to take care and maintain all of this?”. The answer here is plain and simple! 

Unlike blinds and curtains, which are mostly made of fabric, our plantation shutters are made of durable metal or wood. A simple damp cloth will easily help you remove any dust or dirt. This is especially useful for individuals that suffer from allergies since dust can be one of their worst nightmares. With our window shutters, we guarantee you no more puffy eyes or coughing. 

Finally, unlike blinds, a shutter doesn’t need to have ties and loose strings, making them much easier and safer to use all around! 

Our Unique Ranges  

At Jayem Blinds, we stock a wide range of options for both plantation shutters and blinds. So, whether you want to fit window coverings in your conservatory or throughout your home, we’ve got you covered. Options available include: 

Vertical Blinds  

Our vertical blinds are a fantastic option that’ll fit any conservatory or home. In particular, vertical blinds work splendidly with small windows, French doors, patio doors, and bay windows. Our vertical blinds are available in 89mm and 127mm fabric widths and come in jacquards, prints, sheers, translucent, and flame-retardant materials. 

Also, choose from over 200 vinyl colours or our superb range of fabric options. 

Roman Blinds  

Roman blinds are a classic choice that homeowners throughout Bournemouth adore. These blinds enable you to create a warm, soft feel of a “dressed” window. Choose from a wide assortment of fabric textures, weights, and designs. There’s a superb choice of jacquard weaves and printed designs, and all Roman blinds bring a touch of classic simplicity to any interior space. 

Roller Blinds  

Roller blinds are hugely popular with home and business owners throughout the world and with good reason. These blinds are highly versatile and are well-suited to any room inside a property. They roll up securely and can be extended to cover all or part of the window, depending on the owner’s requirements. 

With these blinds, you can ensure that your home retains privacy while ensuring that light is still able to enter your property. You can see our full range of roller blinds on our website. 


If you’d like to purchase a brand-new set of shutters or blinds for your Bournemouth home, whether for your windows or conservatory, then check out the Jayem Blinds range. Take a look at our shutters and blinds before you reach out to us. Click on our gallery page, where you’ll find high-definition images of some of our excellent products. 

Why Choose Us for Window Shutters Bournemouth Clients?  

When it comes to shutters and blinds, you can always count on Jayem Blinds. We’ve been supplying home and business owners with gorgeous blinds and shutters for many years. We’ve amassed a sizeable customer base over the years, and many of our customers would happily recommend us to their friends and family. We’re considered by many to be the go-to company for quality, stylish, affordable shutters and blinds. 

Vertical Blinds, Jayem Blinds Bournemouth

So, if you’re searching for a set of beautiful, professionally crafted plantation shutters, Jayem Blinds is the place to go. For many years, Jayem Blinds has been designing and constructing bespoke, made-to-measure blinds and shutters. Because we’re a family-owned company, you can anticipate personalised attention backed by expert outcomes. We personalise our strategy for each client, guaranteeing that you receive the product you want. 

We’re delighted to carry some of the best items from well-known brands. All our blind and shutter products are entirely customisable, with all changes done by our expert team of installers. Once they’ve been personalised and manufactured, we’ll install your window shutters, Bournemouth clients, leaving you with nothing to do except relax. 

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So, if you’re looking for the best supplier of plantation shutters and blinds in Bournemouth, look no further than Jayem Blinds. We fit roller blinds that are beyond comparison. View perfect fit solutions tailored to your home and décor. With a range of fabrics available, our blinds will make for the perfect adornment for your windows. 

Our plantation shutters and blinds are affordably priced and made-to-measure, ensuring the perfect fit every time. We provide a fantastic service in which we’ll match the right shutters to your property. If you’d like to get in touch, phone us on 01202 422 525, email or fill out our online contact form.